Progressive Programing


Progressive Programming – Carol Scott (Lecture)

 Learn how to schedule your most successful instructors and match them to successful classes to create a dynamic and results driven program that will create benefits and success for your members. Progressive programming will show you how to plan a schedule, what classes to offer, when to offer them and who should be teaching them. This lecture will also cover new emerging trends and which ones are right for your club. Learn how to make a profitable program that retains members and shows a profit. Progressive programming covers all aspects of scheduling to build an exciting and enduring experience. Learn what it takes to stay ahead of your competition and create a winning and relevant program for your members

Moving into Management

Moving into Management(lecture) Carol Scott

The ABC's of management training and standard operating procedures.   Learn exactly what's involved in the job of management. Expectations, tasks, responsibilities and basic job descriptions are all covered in this hands on lecture.  No pulled punches, no rose colored sales pitch, just the truth about what it takes to build a  great management staff, the procedures for operation and more!


So Much More

Carol's abilty to lecture on topics related to business and excellence, are limitless. If you don't see the topic you are looking for? Reach out to us and we can create one. Marketing, Branding, Operations, Recruitment, Training, Retention, Sales, Promotions and more.