You Had Me At Hello

You Had Me At Hello- Carol Scott

If it were only that easy! Great management, recruitment, branding, and building your business takes hard work and expertise. Learn how to assess the marketplace, find openings for creating new business, and how to develop a plan for your next career move. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, this lecture will give you the tools you need to make your next move a successful one. Learn how to identify possible opportunities, how to develop your vision into a profitable entity and find that next thing to make you more money. If you are looking for greater success or you’re looking to open up your own studio or make your studio more successful, or you simply want to improve your business – this lecture will go over the necessary skills and a plan of action for achievement.

Seven Secrets of Success

The Seven Secrets of Success – Carol Scott

Learn the seven proven secrets to success!  Unlock your potential. Learn how to avoid all the pitfalls that stand between you and your dreams. Drop all the barriers that get in the way of you obtaining more money, happiness and opportunity. This lecture will give you the tools to enable you to grow and head toward the goals that drive your passion and make you happier and wealthier. What more can you ask?

Branding for Success


Carol will cover all topics related to succeeding and excelling in Branding. Learn how to thrive in today’s marketplace. Set yourself apart from your competition. Learn how to brand you and your business and program. Learn how to be an independent in the marketplace or just look like one. Learn how to build a sense of community and belonging and to provide relevance for all your members. Carol will cover how to identify, create, build and capitalize on your  "story". "Who" are you? Identify  your "WHY" .