Rhythm Revolution 

A sweatfest/party on the bike. The music makes the ride as we climb, sprint and pedal tailored to each individual song. The ride is as diverse as the playlist. A mix of Boutique indoor cycling studio experience with an added dose of East Coast get busy technical training. Guaranteed to leave you a sweaty mess, improve your cardiovascular fitness,  and emotionally uplifted and smiling!

Cardio Combinations

Cardio kickboxing set to music. Jab, cross, hook and upper cut, side kick, front, kick and roundhouse. Learn easy 16 -32 count kickboxing combinations. Dance and boxing combined into one cardio workout that get's your inner "Rocky" out! 

Creative Combinations

An east to follow dance workout. Learn easy-to-follow cardio dance combinations for a great sweat and workout. Finish with an intense abs series and your workout's complete! 

Creative Conditioning

Progressions, regressions, modifications and all the basic and effective exercises necessary to transform into a fully functional, strong and balanced body