You Had Me At Hello

If it were only that easy! Great management, recruitment, branding, and building your business takes hard work and expertise. Learn how to assess the marketplace, find openings for creating new business, and how to develop a plan for your next career move. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, this lecture will give you the tools you need to make your next move a successful one. Learn how to identify possible opportunities, how to develop your vision into a profitable entity and find that next thing to make you more money. If you are looking for greater success or you’re looking to open up your own studio or make your studio more successful, or you simply want to improve your business – this lecture will go over the necessary skills and a plan of action for achievement.



Reinvention and Relevance

How do you stay relevant while staying on brand?

Learn simple ways to “tweak” your brand marketing without disrupting your secret sauce. Learn what components of your brand story are relevant and which ones need reinvention. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Brands can become stale and lose their relevance and hence their profits. Learn simple ways to reinvent and stay current within the marketplace to maintain longevity amidst a fickle marketplace.

Fries and Apple Pies with that

You have a captive audience who loves your brand, now add in other synergistic products and services you can offer as an up-sell, add on and value add. Let’s take a look at the products and services that can increase your bottom line and add value to the brand. This process has to make sense, look like a natural extension of the brand, and offer income worth the effort. Otherwise, it can come off badly when done wrong or beautifully profitable when done right.

Seven Secrets of Success

Learn the seven proven secrets to success!  Unlock your potential. Learn how to avoid all the pitfalls that stand between you and your dreams. Drop all the barriers that get in the way of you obtaining more money, happiness and opportunity. This lecture will give you the tools to enable you to grow and head toward the goals that drive your passion and make you happier and wealthier. What more can you ask?

Branding for Success

Carol will cover all topics related to succeeding and excelling in Branding. Learn how to thrive in today’s marketplace. Set yourself apart from your competition. Learn how to brand you and your business and program. Learn how to be an independent in the marketplace or just look like one. Learn how to build a sense of community and belonging and to provide relevance for all your members. Carol will cover how to identify, create, build and capitalize on your  "story". "Who" are you? Identify  your "WHY" .

 Learn how to schedule your most successful instructors and match them to successful classes to create a dynamic and results driven program that will create benefits and success for your members. Progressive programming will show you how to plan a schedule, what classes to offer, when to offer them and who should be teaching them. This lecture will also cover new emerging trends and which ones are right for your club. Learn how to make a profitable program that retains members and shows a profit. Progressive programming covers all aspects of scheduling to build an exciting and enduring experience. Learn what it takes to stay ahead of your competition and create a winning and relevant program for your members

Progressive Programing

The ABC's of management training and standard operating procedures.   Learn exactly what's involved in the job of management. Expectations, tasks, responsibilities and basic job descriptions are all covered in this hands on lecture.  No pulled punches, no rose colored sales pitch, just the truth about what it takes to build a  great management staff, the procedures for operation and more!

Moving into Management

The secrets of Success for the fitness boutique

Carol Scott has been the guiding force behind the scenes of many of the brands you know and love. The boutique fitness space is growing more and more competitive and you need to do everything right to compete. Your brand story, marketing, facility, staff, programming and product must all be on message, and deliver a consistent engaging experience every time. Learn all the necessary secrets of success to rock your customers and build your tribe.



When failure is not an option 

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  Thomas Edison

We never learn from our successes, we learn from our failures. If we don't try new things or stretch our wings, we cannot live an extraordinary life. Courage and creativity are like muscles and must be worked and pushed for growth. Carol has successfully reinvented herself three times in her lifetime career learning the pitfalls and keys to success every step of the way. The future is always changing, how do you stay on your game?  Step out of your comfort zone as we peel back the curtain and look into what it takes to be happy, and successful for a lifetime during these changing times. No spoon fed affirmations, no false promises or pseudoscience, no self- help platitudes, hear the Real life solutions that work.

Been there done that 

Experience really is the best teacher. Our throw away society and agism have wrongfully closed us off from learning from the wisdom of our elders. In a rare diversion from current mores, Carol shows us there is no substitute for first hand experience. Through anecdotes, tales and stories you will get a first hand look into wisdom in action and how you can develop your own experience in turning your dreams into reality.

Living large In a Small World

We are taught to work, work, work! The harder we work the more we feel deserving. We have tied the rat race to our work ethic and we wear those extra hours at work as a badge of honor. But is that really living? Does it breed more success, money and happiness? Learn how to forgive yourself the harshness and self deprivation we have become accustomed to and learn to live a life of indulgence and excellence. It is not a sin to take time off or for yourself. Learn techniques for balance, rest and recovery along with time management to get done what we need to do in a timely manor. We do not have to wait to retire to enjoy life, this lecture will bring you the techniques to have it all now

Where does the power come from? It comes from within

People have been relying on self -help gurus in greater numbers. There are more and more books on the shelves from self ascribed experts interested in improving your quality of life. However, the big secret is;  they really cant help you, only you can. Carol sets out to explore and explain how you have the power within all along and with some self- introspection tools and motivation she guides you to a realization and movement toward the best self you can be

A No is a Yes waiting to happen 

How do you know when enough is enough? Should you give up and move on, or dig in and hold out? Sometimes success is waiting around the next turn. How do you know? Carol have reinvented and recreated herself and her career three times so far. She takes an honest and deep look into when to hold them and when to fold them. How to start from scratch, the bottom up and build your dream come true.