Now, I’m the first one who will tell you, like a refrigerator, it’s what inside that counts! That being said, .I won’t apologize for still wanting to be pretty and sexy. Beauty is ageless and we can be empowered and empowering without giving up on luxury, style or beauty. If it makes you feel better to color your hair, wear fashionable clothing, get a little “work” done, then do it! It doesn’t make you vain or superficial. No one has the right to judge you or make the rules for you, only you do. Feelings of guilt or shame have no purpose here and it doesn’t take away from your inner beauty or strength if you still want to wear a bikini or get a facial or your nails done. We have to stop judging and setting rules. Rules were made to be broken. Self empowerment means feeling good about yourself and that takes many forms, so don’t apologize for wanting to look and feel sexy. It’s not a crime. Everything in moderation. Just like a good sense of style, be subtle and elusive. The perfect look is real and age appropriate while keeping it hot and luxurious. We worked hard to get here and we deserve to enjoy it. There is no need to take it all so seriously. Let it go, have fun, be your best self, it’s more than enough.

If you need help? Reach out. We will be posting articles, product and service reviews, and even have a team of experts in every category that can assist you in the perfect look and balance