Carol 's Corner Spring

A Little Help From My Friends 

We all need help from time to time. Community and connection are important and valuable. As humans, we are social creatures and the connections we make to one another are not only good for our soul, they are good for our health, wellbeing and bottom line.

Now more than ever than I can remember, our industry is in a bit of a disconnect. There are companies, clubs and studios looking for talent, and there are personal trainers and instructors looking for opportunity.

What I see as a possible error in judgment is the latest trend to hire outside of our industry in favor of looks or social media connections.

Instructors and Trainers organically grow their following through their dedication, skill, experience and level of excellence, this then in turn produces highly qualified individuals that lift the industry up and provide a solid and effective experience for our clientele.

By hiring for  “looks” or “ hits” we are inadvertently bringing down that quality and reducing our profession to the superficial. Why should trainers seek education and excellence if they will be hired or judged based on their looks or  “following”?

I have been quietly planning my next endeavor within our beloved industry and I can say that I now feel more than ever the need for it.  Once it is fully formed, I will present it. Right now it is still a “work in progress”.

Suffice to say the new entity will be for the betterment of the industry and to provide the services we now need. As I have always said, one must remain relevant to be successful.

I believe it is a critical time in our industry. More and more opportunities are becoming available that we can have a hand in the way those opportunities are crafted.  

We are a mature industry and we must also plan for our future. We need education and pathways to management and ownership, guidance in career planning and transition.

Lastly, I strongly suggest further educating yourself , networking with fellow professionals and bringing new individuals into the fold. We have never had a better chance to make an impact or to be given opportunity than now.

If you are interested in our collective future or are looking for more opportunities or wish to get more involved and join the conversation, or just keep up with something new, please send me your email and we can move ahead together.