" SECRETS" to Success ?

Success lies in the details, and the reason Soul Cycle is so successful? Is they just paid attention to all of them.

As a consultant the first thing many of my clients say is “ I want to be like Soul Cycle”. What they mean is they want to be as successful as Soul Cycle. They want to know the “secret” for their success.  The reality though, is that there is no “secret”.


Success lies in the details, and the reason Soul Cycle is so successful? Is they just paid attention to all of them.


So here are just a few of the basics for building a successful brand. This is not a comprehensive or detailed look into details, but it can serve as a nice overview and reminder of what’s important.


Customer experience revolves around several factors that you must get right to be a success. Each of the factors relate to how a person “feels” when they are experiencing the brand. Customer loyalty stems from your ability to create a winning emotional experience. Yes, it is not just about “results”, clients want to “enjoy” participating. They want to have fun and feel good when they are there. They want to experience “joy”.


Exercise itself releases endorphins, so right away you have a leg up. Now add music, which we all enjoy on a primal level and your well on your way. Musical selection is crucial, it should be music that the majority of your participants relate to and find motivating. Utilizing popular hits, and a a variety of genres is a good beginning.


Your clients want to “feel good” when they are in your space. So the space itself must be welcoming, and a positive experience . Cleanliness, the color palate, even the way it smells are all factors that need attention. Pay attention to the five senses and work to create an emotionally pleasing experience using them all.


Your front desk experience, and customer service are other key factors. Your front desk staff need to make eye contact, be attentive, smile and exhibit a happy demeanor. These are all fundamental. Your front desk staff should love your brand and be advocates and converts, excited to be there. Your brand should provide excellent customer service that demonstrates  you care about your client and their needs and wants come first. You literally live to serve them, so get back to them within a day regarding any issues they have, be a little flexible when it comes to the rules when you can to accommodate them, bend a little and stretch yourself and provide opportunities to demonstrate they feel valued.


Your bathrooms and locker room areas need to be spotless, well lit and chock full of amenities. The workout space should be clean and clutter free, well organized and smell good. The color palate should be pleasing and engaging without being too overwhelming or distracting. Paying attention to a number or all of these factors help to create a successful experience.


Lastly and most importantly, your instructors and trainers need to be all that. Not only do they need to deliver your branded formats and adhere to class descriptions, begin and end on time and have proper certification and experience, that’s just the beginning. They need to be engaging, connected, able to build a sense of community and belonging, welcoming and helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly, they should be entertaining. This is a tall order, so training and mentoring are essential. Allow for creativity and self expression, communicate often and follow up, Providing opportunities for continuing education, rewards and motivation are key to maintaining their level of excellence. They are the face of your brand and they need support, and nurturing as much as your clients do. Staff training and development along with support, praise, and building a sense of community are key strategies for retention and performance.


So there are just a few of the “details” that make a brand a success. More on each of these in greater detail to follow … if you have questions or comments, suggestions or topics you would like covered? Drop me a line …